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Meet Chef Mecehl

Hello and nice to meet you, I am Chef Mechel I was born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana. In a small but wholesome kitchen my grandparents would teach me how to cook by allowing me to watch them cook on my special tiny stool. Growing up in their kitchen I grasped their knowledge and soaked in everything that I could. At the age of 5 years old I made my first meal for my family. As I developed in skills and age ,I was eager to know more about the art of culinary. Being from a small southern town I knew that I did not want to limit my talents by staying there forever. So I took my first big jump in order to find my professional culinary journey by joining the Unites States Navy and serving as a culinary specialist for 5 years. ​  


In February of 2022 I enrolled in Augustee Escoffier School Of Culinary Arts. In March of 2023 I will receive my associates degree in culinary arts. Attending culinary school it allowed me to fine tune my craft and meet fellow culinary artists in the Austin area. With the knowledge that I gained form going to school it allowed me to have the courage to start Omega Catering LLC. With enough money to maybe buy a cheeseburger I took my last few dollars and the knowledge that I gained and purchased Omegas LLC. Being a busy college student with a big dream and not a lot of money allowed me to have courage to take chances on myself. That risk taking allowed me to get into my first big festival which was Austins Annual Mac and Cheese Festival. Taking on that challenge, I knew that being a vendor there was the first big step that I needed in order to start seeing growth in my business.  

The Meaning Of Food 

Food to me means family, home, comfort and warmth. It is easy to become a cook but it takes passion to become a chef. 

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